Month: May 2016

The Road to Neverwinter

Malcer, as the new sheriff of Phandalin, asked if I would be part of the party to escort two prisoners to Neverwinter. My new companions are the dragonborn called Patrin Verthisathurgiesh and the human monk Zedheir. The two of them

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10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

If you’ve seen Cloverfield, prepare to watch something slightly less seizure-inducing. This sort of, but not really, sequel takes place almost entirely in an underground bunker. Much of the psychological thrilling comes from the mystery of what could possibly be


            Watch it! For longer reviews go to Rotten Tomatoes.

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I’ve always found Stephen King to be an amazing writer. His ability to craft a story is like no other. From horror to sci-fi to any genre he feels like. After reading¬†Under the Dome, I was really excited for the

Wave Echo Cave

Wave Echo Cave lives up to its name. Throughout its passages you can hear the sound of waves crashing against the walls. This place was clearly the location of a great battle between the Dwarves and Orcs as there are

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