Month: August 2016

A Day in Neverwinter

Upon arriving in Neverwinter, we make our way to the Hall of Justice. Here we check in with the clerk, Draiden. The guards take our prisoners to their cells. After we receive our payment, Draiden informs us that the Dragonborn

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The Exclusivity Needs To Go

Music streaming has become a huge money-making service for the companies that had enough sense to set up shop early on. Though there was resistance from the music labels (there always is), the general public has spoken and streaming is

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The 90s Are Alive Again

After searching far and wide, my dreams have come true. I’ve found the holy grail of a 90s kid: Crystal Popsi. Way back sometime in 1992 or 1993, I remember going to this food fair thing they would do in

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Whatever Will Be, Will Be

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