Month: September 2016

Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being (2016)

Apparently, I only listen to U.K. bands anymore. These guys are relatively new. They released their debut album Zaba a couple of years ago. If I had to classify their sound, I would say it’s “indie electronic rock” but that really doesn’t

Wild Beasts – Boy King (2016)

I’ve been a loyal follower of Wild Beasts since I heard Two Dancers. They are from the U.K. and they have a fairly unique style that encompasses many facets of the rock landscape. They also have two vocalists, one with

Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)

Apparently people are bent out of shape because a few men arent standing during the national anthem at football games. How many of you were standing up in your living room while you were getting upset watching those men not

Not For The Squeamish

This will be the 7th annual event. I’ve already begun the selection process and I’m excited about the options available this year. I’m going to work very hard to do all 31 reviews. I must do it for the sake