Month: December 2016

NFL Power Rankings Week 17

Well, its looking more and more like the top 12 teams will be making the playoffs this year. Cowboys blew out the Lions to take a commanding lead in first place. Patriots keep destroying easy teams. Look at those Cleveland

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Home Alone

Watch it. Long reviews can be found on Rotten Tomatoes.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 16

Patriots and Cowboys get big wins over the Broncos and Giants. Packers are on the move. [table id=9 /]

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NFL Power Rankings Week 15

You may be wondering how Dallas and Oakland can still be on top after a couple of big losses this week. Its because they have played, and beaten, better teams than Kansas City and New England. The top 4 tightened

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NFL Late Season Picks

With 4 Weeks left, everyone is finally through their bye weeks. Lets see how my earlier picks are doing. AFC East: Patriots (10-2) The Dolphins looked like they wanted to make a run. Theres no way they catch the Pats

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Yule Love It!

Now that it’s December, the Christmas season is upon us. Gifts and movies and eating and decorating and putting kid presents together and white elephants and Christmas lights and freezing nuts off and cookies and egg nog and gingerbread houses

NFL Power Rankings Week 14

The Cowboys just edged out the Raiders for the number 1 spot this week. The Steelers and Ravens both had big wins.  The Eagles continue to slide. Thanks to a bye week, the Browns didnt lose! [table id=7 /]

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Black Mirror

Watch it!  

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