Month: November 2017

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

Despite only losing one point, the Saints loss to the Rams cost them 4 spots this week. The NFC continues to dominate with 6 of the top 8 teams and only 2 of the bottom 8. The Patriots and Falcons

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Top Tens: Early 90s Comedies That Nobody Cared About

The 1990s were a transitional period when the bombast of the 80s hit the dawn of the technology age full blast. I went to see a lot of movies in the theater and I watched even more on home video.

NFL Power Rankings Week 12

The Falcons get a huge win against the Seahawks to prove theyre still viable. That said, there is still a huge gap between 5th and 7th place right now.

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Oma Soup

A family favorite. My grandma used to make this every time we would visit them on the farm in Canada. Dont be afraid to make more than a pound of meat balls. Theyre the best part. Ingredients 2 packages of

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NFL Power Rankings Week 11

After week 2 things were looking bad for the Saints. They had the lowest score possible on my ranking system. Since then they have slowly climbed up the ranks week by week and are now the best team in the

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Grandma Larsens Holiday Cookies

This is my Grandma Larsens top secret cookie recipe. She would make them every year when we would come visit for Christmas. They are traditionally made with red and green colored sugar but you can choose whatever colors you want

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NFL Power Rankings Week 10

The Eagles blow out of the Broncos further confirms they are the top team in the NFL. How about those Browns, even with a week off they cant get out of the bottom.

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Mid Season Picks

We are half way though the season and things are starting to take shape. AFC East: Patriots (6-2) The Pats dont seem to be able to put much distance between them and the Bills. Itll be interesting to see how

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