Month: July 2018

The Red Sox continue to dominate and increase their lead to more than 400 points. The Phillies had a rough week and let 3 teams sneak past them.

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It was a short week because of the All-Star Game so not much changed.

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Watch it.

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The Brewers lost 7 of their 8 games this week and fell 4 spots. The Rockies on the other hand were the biggest gainer moving up 5 spots.

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This is going to get long. If you feel youve already read too much, Ill tell you now how reading this would have made you feel: “Man, I agreed with some of what he wrote but other parts really pissed …

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The Brewers had a big week, moving up 4 spots and gaining almost 300 points. Luckily for the Orioles there was only one place for them to fall as they lost nearly 400 points.

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In some ways, this is like The Hangover with ladies. Scarlett Johansson plays the main lady, Jess, who is being thrown a massive bachelorette party in Miami with 4 college friends. Things go a little off the rails when a male …

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This is the third in the Purge movie series, which depicts a horrific “future” America where an annual holiday known as The Purge is used to “cleanse” the people for the rest of the year. Basically, on Purge day, all laws are …

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After another day of celebration we are approached by Mayor Nibson. He has a somber look on his face and is acting quite strange. It seems that one of the residents of Alna, Nia, has left the village. Apparently there …

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Told through found footage, this horror movie shows a Maryland seaside community’s deadly July 4th outbreak of a mutant parasite in the water supply. The host of the footage is a fresh-faced news reporter (Kether Donahue) who witnessed the events …

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