Month: September 2018

The 9th Annual 31 Days of Blood and Gore

It’s crazy that this is the 9th year of doing 31 horror movie reviews in October. At one point, a couple of years ago, I thought I’d run out of horror movies, but not only are there thousands I’ve never

NFL Power Rankings – Week 3

Its still too early to start picking playoff teams. I know I wouldnt pick the Cardinals or Texans though. Plus, what the hell is going on in New England?! [table id=60 /]

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MLB Power Rankings – Week 26

The Red Sox officially clinched the AL East this week. The Braves are the first team in the National League to take their division [table id=58 /]

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Mandy (2018)

From the director of Beyond the Black Rainbow, comes a wild cinematic journey of love and vengeance. On the surface, it is pretty thin on plot, but what makes the film shine is an incredible aesthetic where every frame is like

NFL Power Rankings – Week 2

Again, not much information this week. At least we got another tie though. [table id=57 /]

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MLB Power Rankings – Week 25

It looks like its pretty much decided, the Red Sox are the best team in the league. Whoever goes up against them in they playoffs is going to have a hard time. The Indians have clinched the AL Central. This

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 1

Not much info here yet. At least we get to start the season with a tie. [table id=55 /]

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MLB Power Rankings – Week 24

There was a lot of action this week. The Astros are closing the gap on the Red Sox. The As overtook the Yankees for 3rd place. The Cardinals and Diamond Backs wet the bed while the Rockies and Rays are

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Arizona (2018)

This kinda came out of nowhere and intrigued me, because the premise, tone, and cast sounded fresh. Danny McBride plays a deranged homeowner who is in financial dire straits after the crash of the housing market in 2008. After an

MLB Power Rankings Week 23

Looks like LA Dodgers are making a run for the NL West. Not only that, but the Cardinals seem to be letting them have it. [table id=53 /]

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