Month: November 2018

NFL Power Rankings – Week 12

There are three teams that continue to dominate week after week, even when they lose to one another. The Rams, Saints and Chiefs look to be unstoppable. The next bunch is a combination of teams that are red hot right

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NFL Power Rankings Week 11

With an epic win last night the Rams take first place to themselves. The Lions continue to defy expectations, beating the Panthers and moving up 5 spots. The Bucs were this weeks biggest loser, dropping 6 spots with a loss

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 10

The Saints, Rams and Chiefs are in an unprecedented tie for 1st at the end of Week 10. Not only that, but they are significantly ahead of the rest of the pack. The Eagles and Lions are the biggest losers

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NFL Mid Season Picks

Were half way through the season and have had a good look at what the divisions are looking like. Here are my updated picks. AFC East: Patriots (7-2) The Patriots have a 2 game lead and the one of the

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 9

The top 4 is tightening up. The Saints had a huge win against the Rams, ending their undefeated record. The Titans had the biggest gain with a win against the Cowboys. If the Raiders had more spots to drop they

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Watch it!

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