Month: May 2019

New Music Fridays – Hayden Thorpe

Now that the Wild Beasts are done as a band (sadface), the lead falsetto of the group has emerged from the ashes with his new solo album called Diviner. The first song I heard was Love Crimes and I was

New Music Fridays – Lydia Ainsworth

I saw this Canadian artist open for Yeasayer a couple years ago. For an opening performance, it was exciting and refreshing. She did everything herself with a couple keyboards, a computer, and a sequencer. The songs were fun and equally

New Music Fridays – Big Thief

Well, it’s a little past Friday, but this album called U.F.O.F. by Big Thief came out and it is worth a listen (or actually two). The best way I can describe it is folksy with a tad of emotion. But