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Dill Pretzel Dip

Pretzels are boring. Heres something thats not boring to dip them in! Ingredients 1/4 cup Mayo 1/4 cup Sour Cream 1 tsp Dill Weed 1/2 tsp Onion Powder 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder Directions Mix all the ingredients. Dip pretzels in

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Dont Watch It?

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Oscar 2019 – Best Picture Trailers

NFL Power Rankings – Super Bowl

With a win in the Super Bowl the Patriots move up to their highest rank of the year. However, it was not enough to take the number one spot from the Rams. [table id=83 /]

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A Wrinkle in Time

Dont Watch It.

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NFL Picks – Super Bowl

Rams (14-3) @ Saints (14-3): Saints RamsWhat a game. They only scored about half as many points as I thought they would but it was close. In the end the Rams defense came up with a big play to stop the

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NFL Power Rankings – Conference Week

We have a clear first place team now. The Rams launched a great comeback and knocked the Saints out in overtime. Even if they lose in the Super Bowl they will still finish in first place. [table id=82 /]

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NFL Picks – Championship Week

Lets see how I did last week… Colts (11-6) @ Chiefs (12-4): ChiefsThe Colts had a good run. The Chiefs were too much though. There really wasnt a moment in this game that it felt like the Colts had a

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NFL Power Rankings – Divisional

It boggles the mind how close the Rams and Saints have been all season. They are tied at first again. Next week will determine, once and for all, which is the better team this season. Despite a victory in Gillette

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NFL Picks – Divisional Week

Looks like I went 2-2 this week. I dont know if there has been a week where kickers were more important to their teams success… Colts 10-6 @ Texans 11-5: Texans ColtsThe Colts are on fire. There was nothing that

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