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The Stepfather (1987)

Terry O’Quinn, most known for playing John Locke in TV’s Lost, plays a sadistic serial killer who invades unsuspecting families before murdering them when he’s had enough. His new step-daughter Susan has a bad feeling about him and when things get

House IV (1992)

Roger Cobb (William Katt) is back from the first House movie, only to be killed off in the first 15 minutes in an awful car accident. His wife, Kelly (Terri Treas), and daughter move into the old family house, which is

Brainscan (1994)

The first time I saw this movie I thought it was fairly unique. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really hold up. Edward Furlong (Terminator 2’s John Conner) plays a reclusive high school kid who likes horror and video games. He decides to

The Fly (1986)

From the twisted mind of David Cronenberg comes this 1980s remake of the 1958 Vincent Price classic. Jeff Goldblum plays Seth Brundle, a scientist who has invented teleportation. Geena Davis is the journalist who meets him at a party and

Anaconda (1997)

Oh, you gotta love the late 90s. You got superstar Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, and Eric Stoltz as a documentary crew on a boat expedition down the Amazon River. They encounter Jon Voight as a Paraguayan snake hunter

Lifeforce (1985)

From horror master, Tobe Hooper, comes an adaptation of the novel The Space Vampires. The story began with a space mission finding an alien space ship hidden near Hailey’s Comet. The space ship had three humanoid life forms suspended in a

Night of the Comet (1984)

After a comet passes close to earth, all the people who were watching the event are gone (only little piles of dust remain) and the few survivors left must deal with the post apocalyptic aftermath. People who were exposed to

Vampire In Brooklyn (1995)

This is one mess of a movie. One part horror, one part comedy, one part romance. That’s an awkward combo even when it’s not directed by horror master Wes Craven. Eddie Murphy plays Maximillian, a vampire who arrives in New

Summer of ’84 (2018)

In the summer of 1984, a teenage boy becomes obsessed with his theory that a neighbor is the local serial killer who kidnaps and murders boys. He convinces his friends to search for evidence to support his theory. There was

Species II (1998)

Well, they made a sequel and it’s a stinker. Basically, they amplified the sex and gore, while dumbing down the story even further. Luckily, not many people went to see it in the theater, so they only ended up making