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NFL Early Season Picks

Its much to early to make any real predictions about the NFL season. But everyone has played at least a quarter of their season so Im going to give it a go. AFC East: Patriots (3-2) I really want to

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 5

The Chiefs and Rams remain undefeated. Lots of movement all across the board. Bills Browns and Chargers all had a great week. The Broncos and Titans, however, did not fare so well.

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 4

Chiefs/Rams Superbowl? Perhaps, but its way to early to determine a thing like that. The Patriots sure took care of the Dolphins this week. The Lions looked like the Lions I grew up watching. Honestly, Im really surprised by the

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 3

Its still too early to start picking playoff teams. I know I wouldnt pick the Cardinals or Texans though. Plus, what the hell is going on in New England?!

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 2

Again, not much information this week. At least we got another tie though.

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 1

Not much info here yet. At least we get to start the season with a tie.

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NFL 2017 – End of the Season

Apparently, I was wrong about the Eagles. They proved to not only be the Super Bowl champs but also the best team in the league. They took a back up quarterback who everyone gave up on a few years ago

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Super Bowl Pick

Once again, I only got one pick correct last week. That leads me to believe that I need to either stop picking against the Eagles or continue picking the Patriots. And, since I cant do both, Im going to go

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NFL Power Rankings Super Bowl

The top 2 teams are the 2 teams with the best records and the 2 teams moving on to the Super Bowl. The Patriots inched out the Eagles to take the #1 spot for the first time this season.

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NFL Conference Championship Picks

Once again, 1 of 4 on my picks. Its been a great playoffs for me. Good news is I can only get 2 wrong this week! Jaguars (12-6) at Patriots (14-3): Patriots I dont know how the Jaguars scored 45

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