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NFL Late Season Picks

With just 4 games left things are starting to take shape. Heres how I think its going to go down. AFC East: Patriots (9-3) With a 3 game lead, the Patriots can clinch the division next week in Miami. Even

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NFL Mid Season Picks

Were half way through the season and have had a good look at what the divisions are looking like. Here are my updated picks. AFC East: Patriots (7-2) The Patriots have a 2 game lead and the one of the

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NFL Early Season Picks

Its much to early to make any real predictions about the NFL season. But everyone has played at least a quarter of their season so Im going to give it a go. AFC East: Patriots (3-2) I really want to

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NFL 2017 – End of the Season

Apparently, I was wrong about the Eagles. They proved to not only be the Super Bowl champs but also the best team in the league. They took a back up quarterback who everyone gave up on a few years ago

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Super Bowl Pick

Once again, I only got one pick correct last week. That leads me to believe that I need to either stop picking against the Eagles or continue picking the Patriots. And, since I cant do both, Im going to go

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NFL Conference Championship Picks

Once again, 1 of 4 on my picks. Its been a great playoffs for me. Good news is I can only get 2 wrong this week! Jaguars (12-6) at Patriots (14-3): Patriots I dont know how the Jaguars scored 45

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NFL Divisional Week Playoff Pics

Ugh, I sure did pick poorly last week. The only game I got correct was the Saints over the Panthers. Lets see if I can do a little better this time. Falcons (11-6) at Eagles (13-3): Falcons Man, if the

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NFL Wild Card Week Playoff Picks

In my late season picks I got all of the division winners in the AFC correct. Look at the Bills sneaking in. As for the NFC, the Seahawks wet the bed and let the rams take the West. Not only

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Late Season Picks

OK, lets see how my picks are holding up. AFC East: Patriots (10-2) The Patriots have almost clinched the division. They have one tough game left against the Steelers. The winner of that game will probably get the number 1

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Mid Season Picks

We are half way though the season and things are starting to take shape. AFC East: Patriots (6-2) The Pats dont seem to be able to put much distance between them and the Bills. Itll be interesting to see how

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