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NFL Picks – Super Bowl

Rams (14-3) @ Saints (14-3): Saints RamsWhat a game. They only scored about half as many points as I thought they would but it was close. In the end the Rams defense came up with a big play to stop the

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NFL Picks – Championship Week

Lets see how I did last week… Colts (11-6) @ Chiefs (12-4): ChiefsThe Colts had a good run. The Chiefs were too much though. There really wasnt a moment in this game that it felt like the Colts had a

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NFL Picks – Divisional Week

Looks like I went 2-2 this week. I dont know if there has been a week where kickers were more important to their teams success… Colts 10-6 @ Texans 11-5: Texans ColtsThe Colts are on fire. There was nothing that

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NFL Picks – Wildcard Week

Colts 10-6 @ Texans 11-5: TexansThe Colts have made a magnificent December run to get to the playoffs this year. Thats going to end in January. Seahawks 10-6 @ Cowboys 10-6: SeahawksThe Seahawks have the experience. I feel like the

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NFL Standings – End of Regular Season

AFC East: Patriots (11-5)The rest of the East fell apart at the end of the season. Hell, the Pats only went 2-2 in the last 4. But they clinched a first round bye. AFC North: Bengals Steelers Ravens (10-6)The Ravens snuck past

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NFL Late Season Picks

With just 4 games left things are starting to take shape. Heres how I think its going to go down. AFC East: Patriots (9-3) With a 3 game lead, the Patriots can clinch the division next week in Miami. Even

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NFL Mid Season Picks

Were half way through the season and have had a good look at what the divisions are looking like. Here are my updated picks. AFC East: Patriots (7-2) The Patriots have a 2 game lead and the one of the

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NFL Early Season Picks

Its much to early to make any real predictions about the NFL season. But everyone has played at least a quarter of their season so Im going to give it a go. AFC East: Patriots (3-2) I really want to

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NFL 2017 – End of the Season

Apparently, I was wrong about the Eagles. They proved to not only be the Super Bowl champs but also the best team in the league. They took a back up quarterback who everyone gave up on a few years ago

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Super Bowl Pick

Once again, I only got one pick correct last week. That leads me to believe that I need to either stop picking against the Eagles or continue picking the Patriots. And, since I cant do both, Im going to go

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