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MLB Power Rankings – Week 8

The Yankees and Red Sox continue to dominate. The Nationals, despite having most of the week off, shit the bed. AL Central continues to be an embarrassment. How about those A’s, 2 wins against the Red Sox and 4 game

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MLB Power Rankings – Week 7

The highly unanticipated debut of my baseball power rankings is here. We are 7 weeks into the season and the league has played more games than twice as many games an entire NFL season. Looks like the Yankees and Red

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NFL 2017 – End of the Season

Apparently, I was wrong about the Eagles. They proved to not only be the Super Bowl champs but also the best team in the league. They took a back up quarterback who everyone gave up on a few years ago

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NFL Power Rankings Super Bowl

The top 2 teams are the 2 teams with the best records and the 2 teams moving on to the Super Bowl. The Patriots inched out the Eagles to take the #1 spot for the first time this season.

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NFL Power Rankings Conference Championships

The Jaguars come through with a huge upset to join the top 3 teams in the Conference Championships next week. Despite the win they were unable to move up any spots because the top of the pack is so far

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NFL Power Rankings Divisional Round

With a huge win over the Panthers, the Saints have left the peloton and joined the leaders. The Titans upset on the Chiefs makes them the biggest jump, all the way to 14th!

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NFL Power Rankings Wild Card Week

With the regular season at its end, the Vikings have claimed the number one spot. The Patriots, Steelers and Eagles are not far behind. Its no wonder that those teams are each getting a bye this year in the playoffs.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 17

The top 7 teams all won this week and are making a mark. I wouldnt want to face a single one of them in the playoffs this January. The Browns are now one game away from a perfect season. A

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NFL Power Rankings Week 16

The Eagles take the #1 spot in a highly contested top 6. The Browns continue to run away at the bottom with their perfect season. What really interests me though is the 8-6 Titans are 19th and the 6-8 Redskins

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NFL Power Rankings Week 15

Lets start at the bottom. The Browns almost upset the Packers but lost in overtime. The Chiefs got a much needed win to prove that despite being the division leader they are only slightly above average. The Jaguars prove theyre

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