Deadpool (2016)

deadpool-posterI think I read one of the Deadpool comics when I was a kid and reading some X-Men comics. I always thought it was just a rogue X-Person who sparred with Wolverine from time to time.

This new movie takes the character to 11 and makes one helluva fun ride for viewers. It was like an ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day: REFRESHING.

The fact that is was rated R and full of violence and nudity was not the primary reason for its success. It has more to do with how people are getting tired of the same old superhero movies. Deadpool told a more human story of a man trying to survive with overwhelming circumstances. It didn’t feel like an origin story, even though it was.

My only real criticism is that the writers tried to pack too many jokes into the movie. Some were great and random, others were too obvious and fell flat.

My favorite part was how Deadpool kept leaving his important weaponry behind before big battles.