The 90s Are Alive Again

AfteCrystal Popsir searching far and wide, my dreams have come true. I’ve found the holy grail of a 90s kid: Crystal Popsi.

Way back sometime in 1992 or 1993, I remember going to this food fair thing they would do in downtown GR. Meijer was the main sponser and we’d go every year to get free samples and coupons. That year, they had a big table set up for the new “Clear Cola” from Pepsi. I got little sample cup and I liked it. It was a unique flavor that I hadn’t tasted before. Something about the whole package was magical. I went back for seconds even though you aren’t supposed to do that.

I’m pretty sure we bought a couple two liters before it went off the market within a year. Since then, I’ve seen little blurbs about the old pop. I even watched that guy drink an old bottle and puke it up.

Then they did the little sweepstakes giveaway last December that I missed even entering by like 4 hours. 🙁

When I heard it was coming back Summer 2016, I nearly crapped my pants. I waited and waited and resisted buying the overpriced sweepstakes bottles on eBay.

Last Monday was the official release date. I went to various retail outlets and turned up empty-handed. Meanwhile, dozens of people on Twitter were posting their bountiful finds. Some even purchasing the entire store stock they could find (a**holes). On Tuesday, I had 8 bottles in my hands (I left some for the other nutballs).

The first sip was oh so amazing. It was the exact flavor I remembered. It’s only going to be around for 8 weeks, but they will be glorious.

One Response to The 90s Are Alive Again

  1. We just bought a bottle. I’ll be having it with my popcorn tonight.