Wild Beasts – Boy King (2016)

wild-beasts boy kingI’ve been a loyal follower of Wild Beasts since I heard Two Dancers. They are from the U.K. and they have a fairly unique style that encompasses many facets of the rock landscape. They also have two vocalists, one with an airy falsetto and one with a deeper baritone.

This new album, Boy King, is heavy on the synth pop and it’s delicious. The songs are so infectious and riddled with carnal testosterone-laden subtext. Hell, the title itself is a hidden gem, not to mention the cover.

As the opener, Big Cat, says: “You can look, but don’t touch.” The whole album is like window shopping wet dreams. Each song is a little peak at something salacious, but hidden enough to make you wonder: “Hmm, what is under that blanket?”

The production is absolutely superb. It sounds so crisp and yet kind of fatty analog style like it was produced in 2085 (it’s a time paradox). There are meaty beats and fuzzy synths with such clarity. I actually looked up the guy who produced it, John Congleton, and I’ve listened to some other albums he’s produced (St. Vincent). He’s kind of the shit.

Basically, this album is amazing and I’ve listened to it close to 15 times. It doesn’t get old and it keeps pumping along like a moist well that never dries up. You can interpret that however you choose.