Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being (2016)

how to be a human beingApparently, I only listen to U.K. bands anymore. These guys are relatively new. They released their debut album Zaba a couple of years ago. If I had to classify their sound, I would say it’s “indie electronic rock” but that really doesn’t capture the finer nuances of what they do. If I had to classify them in D&D terms, they would probably be chaotic neutral.

This new album is a step forward for them as the songwriting seems a bit more honed or at least the theme was more obvious than Zaba. It’s like each of the songs is a little window into the human condition across many walks of life. It’s almost like watching a TV and flipping the channel between songs. I hate commercials so much.

Before the album came out, they released “Life Itself” and “Youth” and I enjoyed them, but they didn’t really grab me. Then about the time the album came out, something clicked with “Youth” and I’m not sure if it was reading the lyrics or what. I proceeded to listen to the song on repeat for about a week. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect song (due to repetition), but I love the melodies and the lyrics (after reading them).

This is a solid album from beginning to end and I found myself wanting to listen multiple times after digesting the music. It grows and evolves with every listen.

Don’t be a punk ass. Go check it out.