Nekromantik (1987)

nekromantikcoverThere are far too many peeing scenes in this movie. Also, WTF did I just watch?

This German horror porn is about as extreme as I’m willing to go, and I wasn’t that willing. I think the sexual attraction to dead things isn’t even that disgusting. What got me was the dead animals. The killing of a rabbit seemed pretty real and it’s not something I want to watch.

Much of the movie was excessive for the sake of arousing some sort of visceral response, but it doesn’t really say anything meaningful about the human condition. I guess there are people out there that have sick fantasies. I don’t really want to know about or be around those people.

About the only good thing about it was some of the really jarring musical cues. It added the necessary “nails on the chalkboard” symphony to the wretched visual ugliness.

I’ve created a new rating specifically for movies like this. Behold, the anti-taco. When you see it, you understand that this is where you must turn back. No fun will ever be had here.