Blood Car (2007)

bloodcarA hippie school teacher accidentally invents a blood powered car while working on a wheat grass powered car, and must maintain his fuel supply with a little bit of killing. It starts innocently with squirrels and rabbits (here we ago again with the killing animals). Then it escalates to people. Boy, does it escalate quickly. He runs out of “gas” regularly and must dump a new body into the trunk to feed the car its fuel source.

You can tell right off the bat that it is very low budget and the acting is sometimes stiff. The execution is almost like a film school project. If it is indeed a film school project, it’s not bad at all. I’ve seen much worse.

While it is in no way flawless, I have to give it credit for what it’s trying to do. Let’s just say it’s a valiant effort. It’s got some blood and some boobs. What more do you really need?



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  1. Drill baby drill!