Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994)

phantasmiiiWill the Tall Man ever stay dead? Part 3 in the Phantasm series starts immediately after the second movie. Reggie and Mike had just killed the Tall Man and torched his house. As they escaped in the hearse, Reggie’s girlfriend turned out to be evil. Not long after, Mike gets kidnapped by the Tall Man and Reggie must find him back. Somehow.

Along the way, Reggie takes on a kid named Tim as his sidekick. Initially, I thought this was a misstep, but the kid turned out to be pretty cool with his frisbee slicer and Magnum .357. Don’t mess with the kid.

Then there was another new character named Rocky, a female badass with nunchucks. I also liked the constant Reggie advances getting shot down by her.

This one didn’t suffer from the same problems of the previous movie. There was much more tongue-in-cheek action and I think that’s definitely where it needed to go. You want Reggie, Tim, and Rocky to survive. They are fun characters.