Child’s Play 3 (1991)

childs_play_threeHere we go again. People want more Chucky and so they keep finding ways to bring him back. The plastic from part 2 is remade into a new Good Guy doll complete with the soul of The Lakeshore Strangler. After he kills the CEO of the toy company, it’s time to find Andy Barclay.

OK. Hold up for a second. If I were Chucky, I’d just kill myself. Or else, I would go find some secluded place to live the rest of my plastic life in peace. I wouldn’t give a shit about Andy Barclay. I wouldn’t be trying to move my soul to some other body.

Anyway, Andy Barclay is now 16 years-old, played by Justin Whalin. He’s off to military school, because where else do you go when your life was destroyed by a demonic killer doll? He makes some friends early on, but it’s not long before the Chuck arrives and all hell breaks loose.

There’s not really anything good about this sequel. It’s not scary or funny. I just found myself waiting for it to be over. Who will Chucky kill next? Don’t care. What new and inventive way will Chucky use to kill his next victim? Knife me, please.