Slugs (1988)

slugsI’ve seen some animal-based horror movies but this one takes the taco. Slugs? Really? They don’t move fast enough. How could they possibly kill anyone? Who is going to be afraid of them?

A health inspector in a small town uncovers the toxic waste-modified slug takeover. From the opening death, it takes a incredible amount of time before another death happens and it comes from a slug getting into a guy’s gardening glove. That seems pretty lame, but it escalates quickly into the guy chopping his hand off with a hatchet and the greenhouse blowing up from an open gas container.

The slugs have little mouths and are kind of cute when they bite at people. That’s not really what you want to hear about your monster in your monster movie.

The health inspector hero guy, Mike, is such a crappy character and isn’t even in that many scenes. Or at least, if he was, I didn’t notice. That’s how forgettable this guy was.

The terrible acting is made worse by the ADR that seems just slightly off. Not that the sound is out of alignment or anything, just that the voices sound unnaturally crisp. Actually, some of it is kind of out of sync.

The slugs’ strength is in their numbers and once they get a taste of the meat, they dive in head first. And they devour. It’s pretty hardcore, but not really.

I don’t think the movie could ever have been something amazing, because the premise is so outrageous. If I were the hero, I’d just get a flamethrower and fry all the little slug bastards. Problem solved. Movie would have been over in 15 minutes.