Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

halloween5I kinda feel like this one should be called Halloween 5: The Final Night He Came Home. Or Halloween: The Final Revenge.Otherwise, I have no idea that the series was supposed to be done for a 7 years.

It’s a direct continuation of part 4. Michael Myers is almost killed but gets away and then starts stalking his niece, played by Danielle Harris, who has a telepathic connection with Michael.

Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis is also back, because we always need the guy who can stop Michael Myers, but never actually does.

This is such a “paint by numbers” horror movie. None of the characters are interesting or worth saving. The telepathic girl says nothing and spends most of her scenes writhing around or being scared. Danielle Harris is not the best actress, but she was young so we’ll let it slide. She’s really good at seeming upset.

By the time this movie came out, Michael Myers had lost all of “The Shape” menace and hidden danger. He had become a little too iconic.

Anyway, snore. It’s only a Halloween movie by name. The atmosphere and suspense is nowhere to be found.