Suicide Squad (2016)

suicide_squad_posterDC Comics bad guys take on one of their fellow bad guys that was unleashed by the government intelligence officer who assembled the team of bad guys to stop other bad guys. This is pretty lame, even for an anti-superhero superhero movie.

I watched the “Extended” version and I think I would have liked the un-Extended one better, simply because it would have been shorter.

Something went very wrong with this movie. The idea itself is not terrible, but the execution went way off track. I love Will Smith, but he should not have been the “main character” in a massive cast of main characters. The whole first act of the movie is spent introducing all the squad members. I honestly don’t care. It should have been focused on Harley Quinn and The Joker with the rest of the squad being backdrop. In fact, I would have been extremely happy if this movie were called Suicide Squad: A Harley Quinn Story. Margot Robbie was great and if this had been her story, it would have been incredible.

The also had Batfleck peppered in at the beginning to tie this movie to the Batman v. Superman/Justice League movies. Why didn’t they just make the movie the opposite of a Batman movie? Have the squad go after Batman as soon as they are released and have circumvented their control mechanisms. How bad are these bad guys when they just do whatever they are told?

There are a lot of ways the movie could have been enjoyable, but this is not one of them. DC/Warner Bros is going to have a tough time getting their massive cinematic universe off the ground to compete with Marvel if this is the best they can do.