The Jungle Book (2016)

junglebookHere we go again with the remakes/reboots/re-imaginings/re-living-the-past/’member-berries. It’s not a bad movie. It’s got some well known characters and the production is top-notch. I loved Bill Murray as Baloo. It’s a classic story that probably was due for an update. Probably.

At the same time, I can’t say it really captures the essence and free spirit of the animated Jungle Book. I know it’s a different way to tell the story and certainly the live action approach is going to add the realism that the animated one could ignore. But along with the real comes the harsh and there are too many dark scenes. Snakes are fricking terrifying when they aren’t cartoons, OK?

As I was watching it with my 3 year-old son, I kept wondering how all these remakes would shape the psyche of the new generations. This Jungle Book felt more for adults than for kids. I’m not saying that’s bad, but it seems like the movie studios are shifting from making kid’s movies that are fun for kids to kid’s movies that are targeting man-children.

I liked the scenes with Mowgli and Baloo: the bare necessities and getting the honeycomb.

I guess it just reiterates the fact that the classics are still classics and if you want to have fun, stick with the old stuff. It’s where the warm and fuzzies are.