Masterminds (2016)

With an all-star cast and goofball premise, you can’t really expect anything less than hilarious. It’s also directed by the Napoleon Dynamiteand Nacho Libre director.

The plot is based on a true story about a bunch of rednecks who successfully rob an armored car company and the ensuing high jinks.

The movie isn’t what I’d call a perfect comedy or anything, but it really gives you plenty to laugh at. The bizarre characters and their oddities are more than enough. There are also some funny situations and oddball antics. I particularly liked how the actual bumbling robbery scene played out. I was laughing out loud and that is rare for any movie these days.

Where it kind of lost me is how the story took various obvious turns and delved away from the unpredictable and settled for the cliches. I would have preferred to see something radical and hilarious toward the end.

Before watching this movie, I watched another recent Zach Galifianakis movie called Keeping Up with the Joneses. That movie was a total piece of shit and possibly made this one seem better.

If you like Napoleon Dynamite-esque humor and you like these actors being wacky, then you will get some enjoyment out of this movie. IT’S FUNNY ENOUGH.