Virus (1999)

Alien electricity has taken over a Russian research ship and it’s up to the crew of a salvage tugboat to not die.

Jamie Lee Curtis plays Foster, the heroine. In a 2010 interview, Curtis stated this is the worst movie she’s ever done. Grab the popcorn, this is gon’ b good.

The movie also stars Donald Sutherland and William Baldwin, but the characters are so pathetic, it really matters not who the actors are.

As the “story” progresses, the horrors created by the alien electricity are slowly revealed. Apparently, the robot creatures need to merge with biological material for some reason. Because decaying bio-matter is great for spare parts. Or maybe they were trying to figure out how to survive without an electrical power source?

The suspense and tone are so completely like every other Sci-Fi horror movie that has ever come before. Same clichés. Same formulas. Other than the dumb alien electricity idea, there is not much original. I can’t believe someone greenlit $75 million for this turd. There is literally nothing to like or remember. Even at 99 minutes, it still feels like it takes forever to not do anything worthwhile.

I wonder what the director’s audio commentary has to say.


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    Stemshul says:

    I like to think that the interview with Curtis is included in the deluxe edition Blu-Ray.