Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil (1992)

Here we go again. Another useless sequel to a mostly useless series. There is nothing linked to the MaryLou mythos. Instead, an insane priest goes on a murderous rampage to cleanse the world of sluts and dirty heathens.

The characters are supposed to be in high school, yet all the actors appear to be in their 30s. Instead of going to their prom, two couples go to a secluded summer home to have a good time. Little do they know the homicidal priest is nearby and ready for them.

The last third of the movie is not terrible. It certainly isn’t as suspenseful as it could be, but the priest stalking the four “high schoolers” works for the most part. I was expecting to be bored and waiting for the movie to end, but I became interested in what was going on instead.

While this installment was better than the third movie, that’s not really saying much. It’s still a waste of time and didn’t need to be made.