Death Spa (1989)

It’s the 1980s and everyone is obsessed with fitness. At Starbody Health Spa, a woman is badly burned in a sauna with chlorine vapor. She survives, but the cops are investigating the accident as suspicious. It turns out that everything in the health club is controlled by a computer system and the programmer who keeps the system functioning is the prime suspect. He gives the detectives compelling reasons why he wouldn’t try to kill anyone: because he’s a nerd.

The accidents progressively get worse from a diving board becoming detached to a dude being killed by weight training equipment. Acid baths, face crushing, and neck punctures are some of the various death methods.

At this point, one might wonder why anyone is still going to the Starbody Health Spa. It’s pretty clear that something is amiss and the place is either haunted or has a serial killer member. As the back story is revealed, the owner of the health spa had a wife who lit herself on fire and died. The mystery continues. Is it the wife’s ghost or is the wife’s twin brother (the programmer)?

The only notable actor was Ken Foree from Dawn of the Dead in very few scenes. This movie could have been more enjoyable with a faster pace. There were times where it felt like nothing was going on and then times where it felt like it needed to be over already.