Killer Workout (1987)

You know it is going to be good when the first five minutes include death by tanning bed. The movie was originally titled Aerobicide, which is as good, if not better, than Killer Workout.

Once the first body is discovered, an inept detective investigates the Rhonda’s Work-Out health club. The bodies continue to pile up as the victims do absolutely nothing to fight back against the masked attacker with the enlarged safety pin murder weapon. What in the actual $%^*?

Then this buff blonde mullet guy shows up to “work” at the health club and starts beating the crap out of nearly every bad dude he meets. So much testosterone. Turns out he’s a private investigator.

As usual, the killer is a mystery until the very end. Oh, and do you think that the murders in and around the health club would stop anyone from exercising or working at the establishment? Nope. I feel like I just watched this movie.

The spandex, boobs, and gratuitous aerobics scenes are not enough to save this one.