Pet Sematary Two (1992)

When Stephen King doesn’t want to be associated with a sequel to a film based on one of his novels, you’ve done something wrong. The concept of the pet cemetery/Indian burial ground raising people from the dead is back, and that’s about all that’s returning from the first movie.

This time, a teen named Jeff (Edward Furlong) loses his mother in an electrical accident. His father (Anthony Edwards) decides that moving to a small town is the best way to start fresh and move on. The kid befriends another boy, Drew, after being bullied. The two forge a bond while burying Drew’s dog at the Indian burial ground.

Things escalate out of control as the zombie dog comes back to life and kills Drew’s a-hole dad. The deaths and zombies continue until the climax, which was far less suspenseful than the first movie.

While watching the movie, I thought of several ways the story could have been much better than it actually was. It took itself too seriously. If it would have added a bit of campy fun, it might have worked.