Cult of Chucky (2017)

You’ll never be able to keep this doll down. This time, they pull out all the stops and deliver a crazy 1.5 hour ride. While it’s not anything ground-breaking, I have to give it props for bringing a lot of the previous movie elements together in one and adding some new fresh stuff, too.

The main character from the last Chucky movie, Nica, is back and locked in a mental hospital. Andy, the kid from the first three movies, is back and looking to kick some Chucky ass. Jennifer Tilly also makes an appearance.

The death scenes are pretty gruesome and there is still plenty of campy fun. What I didn’t like was how the cinematography made it look like a low budget handicam production.

If you like Chucky, and who doesn’t, this movie won’t disappoint you. Some of the scenes are drawn out, but overall the pacing is not too bad.