Top Tens: Early 90s Comedies That Nobody Cared About

The 1990s were a transitional period when the bombast of the 80s hit the dawn of the technology age full blast. I went to see a lot of movies in the theater and I watched even more on home video. Here is my list of ten forgotten comedy gems of the early 90s.

  1. Bill Murray plays Bob, the extremely phobic mental patient who tracks down his vacationing doctor to continue his therapy.
  2. Dana Carvey is a con man who assumes the identity of a house sitter to steal some money to pay off a gangster.
  3. Martin Short plays a precocious boy whose only goal is to go to the Dinosaur World theme park.
  4. Chris Elliot plays a “fancy lad” who accidentally boards the wrong boat.
  5. Martin Short takes his family on a crappy sailboat adventure with Kurt Russell as their eccentric captain.
  6. Mike Myers wonders if his new wife is actually a serial axe murderer.
  7. Frank Whaley is an idiot overnight janitor at a Target and encounters a love interest and two thieves in one crazy shift.
  8. Dana Carvey plays a private investigator with amnesia that prevents him from remembering what happened the previous day.
  9. Chevy Chase and Demi Moore are a couple who take a wrong turn on a road trip and find themselves in deep hillbilly doo-doo.
  10. Martin Short is the world’s second most unlucky person. Danny Glover enlists his help to find the world’s most unlucky person.

2 Responses to Top Tens: Early 90s Comedies That Nobody Cared About

  1. Yeah. I agree. The list was easy to compile as a group, but not easy to order. It was made worse by spending all of the time trying to wrestle with the formatting. I need to find a plugin for easy top 10 lists.