Snatched (2017)

I used to really enjoy Goldie Hawn comedies of the olden days. Movies like Overboard  and Housesitter were fun and full of laughs. Part of me hoped that Snatched would bring a fresh twist to classic comedy that the genre desperately needs. Nope.

There are virtually no laughs to be had. Most of the jokes rely on raunchy humor, which I usually enjoy, but there is no comedic timing. It’s like it just keeps throwing jokes at you with a “here, take this!” kind of approach. Basically, when drunk Amy Schumer climbs into bed with her mom and rips a massive fart, you know you are in trouble. And I like farts!

The story itself is ridiculously ham-fisted. Schumer loses her job, then her boyfriend, and drags her mom on a trip to South America. While they are “enjoying” themselves, things run amok when they are kidnapped by drug dealers or something along those lines. It’s hard to get a handle on things when your brain is basically reduced to mush after the first 30-40 minutes of wasted screen time.

Schumer is just not that funny, no matter how hard she tries. Goldie does her thing as best she can, but neither her or Schumer’s characters are particularly likable. The brother character played by Ike Barinholtz is about the only likable schmuck in the whole thing and he is on screen maybe 20 minutes.


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  1. Avatar Stemshul
    Stemshul says:

    Amy Schumer is the worst. She shouldnt be allowed to make movies or stand-up specials anymore!