The Bay (2012)

Told through found footage, this horror movie shows a Maryland seaside community’s deadly July 4th outbreak of a mutant parasite in the water supply.

The host of the footage is a fresh-faced news reporter (Kether Donahue) who witnessed the events firsthand and managed to survive without being infected.

The gore is definitely top-notch, but the “story” is rather lacking. It’s literally just a series of scenes strung together, and the characters are just people doing things in the scenes. I don’t care about them and none of it matters.

Generally, found footage movies are gimmicky and make me nauseous from the seizure-inducing camera work. This one is better than other ones I’ve seen, but only slightly. Why can’t they have one or two characters that are fleshed out to give the audience a meaningful connection? Why isn’t there a cliche scientist character who figures out the problem and works on engineering a solution to kill all the parasites? I probably would complain about that stuff, too, but at least it would get more tacos.