Arizona (2018)

This kinda came out of nowhere and intrigued me, because the premise, tone, and cast sounded fresh.

Danny McBride plays a deranged homeowner who is in financial dire straits after the crash of the housing market in 2008. After an unfortunate turn of events, he takes real estate agent Rosemarie DeWitt hostage and things get worse from there.

It’s a very dark comedy with most of the cast delving into territories they’ve never been before. Danny McBride is both comical and menacing. The character makes his situation far worse by doing dumb stuff and having terrible luck.

Most of the other cast, Seth Rogan, Luke Wilson, Kaitlin Olsen, and David Alan Grier, are only on screen for very short periods. The real focus is the cat and mouse game where DeWitt manages to break free from McBride and he must stalk her to get her back.

All-in-all it was a pleasant surprise of a film, with a mixture of comedy, horror, and suspense.