Species II (1998)

Well, they made a sequel and it’s a stinker. Basically, they amplified the sex and gore, while dumbing down the story even further. Luckily, not many people went to see it in the theater, so they only ended up making two more direct-to-video sequels.

The movie starts with three astronauts on a mission to Mars. One of the soil samples they collected, contained some sort of alien goop which infected two of the three astronauts during their return trip. Rather than properly quarantining them when they are back on Earth, the doctor tells them they are not allowed to have sexual relations for 10 days (WTF?).

The main astronaut guy, Patrick Ross (Justin Lazard), starts humping every woman he encounters and alien spawn babies pop out in horrific fashion after 5 minutes. The dude then keeps all his alien brood in a barn on the remote family farm.

Meanwhile, Natasha Henstridge is back, this time as Eve, another alien/human hybrid. She senses some new alien has arrived and starts to get really horny after the scientists “activate” her alien DNA to give her the telepathic ability to locate Patrick. Great move, jackasses.

Other returning cast members included Michael Madsen as the hitman guy and Marg Helgenberger as the lab scientist, collecting their paychecks. The performances aren’t the worst, but Natasha Henstridge was only hired for her body (again) and the astronaut Patrick guy, who is essentially the main character, has almost zero charisma or talent.

Some of the special FX were laughably bad, like the creatures at the end flopping around like bad puppets. There really isn’t much to redeem this pile of alien goop.


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