Night of the Comet (1984)

After a comet passes close to earth, all the people who were watching the event are gone (only little piles of dust remain) and the few survivors left must deal with the post apocalyptic aftermath. People who were exposed to the comet, but didn’t turn to dust, became zombies.

The main character is a high school senior named Regina who is somewhat of a badass with an uzi. Her sister, Samantha, is a cheerleader who manages to survive against all odds. There is a the hero dude, Hector, who looks vaguely like Erik Estrada. Some scientists show up, seemingly to the rescue, but have ulterior motives for finding and helping other survivors.

The movie is quite low budget, but it manages to do a lot anyway. I liked how they processed all outdoor scenes to have a reddish hue in the sky. It added an eerie effect that sold the whole desolate apocalypse.

Sure it’s not the greatest movie ever made, but it has some fun moments and it never lingers on anything that is too boring.


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