The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)

The Strangers are back, but this time, there is no Liv Tyler. Instead we get a family of four who head to a relative’s trailer park for a little R and R. Little do they know. they are about to have a very bad night.

Things get real creepy fast as the two kids go for a night walk to clear their heads and discover their murdered aunt and uncle. Things continue to spiral out after the family slowly realizes they a being stalked by psychopaths.

Once the craziness begins, it is relentless, but the family members keep making stupid decisions like splitting up whenever possible and not shooting an attacker when they clearly intend to murder you.

Then you got the overused slow zoom effect, which would have been great in moderation. The first movie made much better use of subtle scares and atmosphere. This movie was much more in your face.


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