Bird Box (2018)

In this thriller from Netflix, Sandra Bullock plays Malorie, a survivor of an apocalyptic event must protect her two children on a trip down a river while blindfolded.

The movie sets the stage with rules that govern the universe it creates. Anyone who “sees” the invisible creatures will become suicidal and immediately try to kill themselves. Also, there are crazies who have essentially become advocates for the end of the world and go around trying to force people to look at the creatures.

The story shows the “present” timeline, but also shows much of the background when the shit hit the fan and everyone was trying to figure out what was happening.

There is so much to love about the movie and so little to find fault in. The cast is great: Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes are particularly wonderful. John Malkovich is also superb as always as the character you really despise despite his bitter honesty.

There are a lot of comparisons to A Quiet Place due to its post-apocalyptic setting and the sensory plot element (visual and auditory). I think Bird Box ends up winning the trophy for all around better movie. It’s much more satisfying and intelligent. The characters in Bird Box did logical things and it felt much more realistic. The monsters in A Quiet Place were a little too visible, making them less menacing.

If you like post-apocalyptic and moody thrillers with intelligent characters, you should check this one out.