Village of the Damned (1995)

From cinematic master John Carpenter comes this Stephen King-esque movie about kids with glowing eyes and special psychic killing powers.

After a strange event leaves most of a small town unconscious for six hours, an alarming number of women are suddenly pregnant after waking from the “blackout.”

The babies are all born in a short time and develop faster than normal children. As the town tries to make sense of it all by just going with it, the kids basically do whatever they want and punish anyone who tries to stop them. They can also communicate telepathically.

Christopher Reeve plays the town doctor and father of one of the children. Kirstie Alley plays a government doctor investigating the blackout event and subsequent pregnancies.

Everything leads to a final showdown where the good doctor and a couple other town folk decide to off the kids before they take over the world. But how do you kill a bunch of kids who know what you are thinking at all times? Well, you can watch it and find out if you want.

For John Carpenter, this movie is rubbish. It’s not an awful movie and starts out wildly mysterious. Then it kind of loses its steam and never regains it. The whole second and third acts are pretty boring and uneventful. Yes, the children are creepy, but not much is actually scary. It’s kind of a yawn-fest.