Tourist Trap (1979)

A group of college kids on vacation get a flat tire and one of them goes missing trying to get it fixed. As the others search for him, they have car trouble and come across a weirdo who owns a waxwork/mannequin museum. The weirdo offers to help them fix their car, but you know it’s too good to be true. A masked killer starts offing the kids one-by-one in supernatural ways. (It’s telekinesis, Kyle.)

I was really hoping for an enjoyable experience, but the story was boring. The weirdo guy is so clearly the killer, even though they attempted to make it seem like it was the weirdo’s “brother”. Everything moves so slow including the death sequences where it seems like the director wanted to show off all of the things that they could move through the air (with mind blitz).

I guess the only good thing was the music, which is very generic most of the time, but at least made it feel like a suspenseful horror movie when nothing else did.


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