Bats (1999)

Dina Meyer is a bat scientist and Lou Diamond Phillips is sheriff bad ass. They join forces when genetically-modified bats start terrorizing a small town in Texas. Can they outsmart these bats before it is too late? Honestly, just let the government nuke the town.

Wowy wow wow. This one reeks of bat guano. The story is the most formulaic you can get. The creature FX are just short of flapping bat toys dangling from fishing line.

The acting is about the only thing that is not total complete garbage, but the dialogue most definitely is. The characters are dumb AF and fit their cliches quite nicely.

It’s hard to take the movie seriously, because it’s so full of awfulness. It is kind of on the fence between “so bad it’s good” and “just the right amount of campy”, but it lacks the charm of similar animal creature features like Piranha 3D, Snakes on a Plane, Lake Placid, etc.


Where to stream: Sony/Crackle (free with ads)