Event Horizon (1997)

This movie was awesome when it first came out, and surprisingly it stands the test of time (mostly). The premise is simple: a ship and its crew are sent to a remote location near Neptune to search for a space exploration ship called “Event Horizon” that went missing for seven years. The crew is accompanied by Dr. Weir (played by Sam Neill), the guy who invented the “gravity drive” that allows the Event Horizon to fold space. As the mystery unravels, the unsuspecting rescue crew discover horrors about the missing ship and themselves.

There are several jump scares, but a lot of the suspense surrounds the psychological descent into madness of the crew. The horrors of their past come to haunt them as the Event Horizon ship seems to take on a ghastly persona of its own. There is a real sense of danger that the crew will not survive as the hopelessness increases toward the end.

This is definitely the best direction by hack director Paul W.S. Anderson. He’s got the pacing, thrills, and immersive environment down pat. Most of the cast is not very memorable, but Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill are both electrified.

While it is not a perfect movie, it’s still incredibly fun after all these years.


Available to stream on: Hulu (subscription required)