Happy Death Day (2017)

It’s Groundhog Day! Actually, it’s college student Tree’s (Jessica Rothe) birthday. She wakes up in a dorm room of a random guy and proceeds to have a mostly awful day, ending with her being murdered. Then the day repeats and she must figure out who murdered her and stop it from happening.

There is just something about time loop movies that is so enjoyable. This movie is no exception. Where Groundhog Day was all about the comedy, this movie is about the mystery and thrills. The first and second act work well at building the suspense, but the third act seemed to fall apart.

I really liked Tree’s character development. She starts off as this naive sorority girl, but turns into a bit of a badass by the end. You either shit or get off the pot, and well, she decides to shit. Metaphorically, of course.


Available to stream on: HBO (subscription required)