The Silence (2019)

After a cave expedition unearths a large cavern, a million gargoyle things escape and begin to wreak havoc on the world. The creatures are attracted to noise, so being a deaf girl is advantageous. Ally (Kiernan Shipka) along with her dad, Hugh (Stanley Tucci), her mother (Miranda Otto), her grandmother, and her brother must try to survive in a scary new reality of monsters and quiet living strategies.

The family attempts to escape the city, but soon encounters the “vesp” creatures and must abandon their car due to the noise of the motor. On foot, they make their way to a cabin/farm where the mother is bitten by a creature and becomes infected. This prompts Ally and Hugh to leave in search of antibiotics. As they search a small town, they encounter a cultist reverend with no tongue.

There are definite comparisons to be made with A Quiet Place. I think this movie does a bit better job of selling the situation by adhering (mostly) to the rules set forth early on. There is a great mix of the immediate terror from the vesps as well as the psychological fear from the cultists.

My minor complaint was the power and technology that should have gone dark within the first 24 hours of the vesp onslaught. But other than that the acting was superb. Tucci never disappoints.


Available to stream on: Netflix (subscription required)