The Cell (2000)

I was obsessed with this movie when it first came out almost 20 years ago. It was interesting watching again after such a long time.

The story is about a psychotherapist named Catherine (Jennifer Lopez) who works on an experimental technique involving technological merging of minds in an attempt to help bring a young boy out of a catatonic state. Meanwhile, a serial killer (Vincent D’Onofrio) is captured by the FBI in a catatonic state after taking another victim. Agent Novak (Vince Vaughn) convinces Catherine to use their tech to go inside the killer’s mind in an attempt to discover the location of his missing victim who is still alive.

The music and the incredible visuals are the best parts. Sadly, the style far surpassed the substance of the script. There were the obvious parallels to The Silence of the Lambs. The thing I found the most egregious was how everything fell into place in such formulaic ways. This could have been an amazing visual feast with a strong foundation of story and characters.


Available to stream on: Netflix (subscription required)