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  • Achievement Unlocked

    This is the 10th year of attempting the 31 Days of Blood and Gore horror movie review marathon. After about the 7th year, I started to think I would run out of horror movies. Honestly, that’s not possible, because I now have a spreadsheet filled with close to 400 horror movies I’ve never reviewed. Then there is always the possibility of revisiting some of the classics to see how well they hold up over time.

    Without further ado, prepare your anus for another wild ride of horror movie mayhem. ‘Tis the season to get scary!

  • Do Your Worst

    While perusing some of the movies available to stream on Amazon Prime, I noticed there were a lot of what looked to be terrible movies. We’re talking low budget schlock from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

    I started thinking it might be fun to review all of them. So, I’m starting a new series called Bottom of the Barrel. There is no set list and there is no end date. I’m just going to review as many cheeseball movies as I want.

    Let the games begin!

  • The Remixes Are Coming

    new1sAhoy there, faithful follower(s). This is an announcement. We have decided to re-release the New 1’s remix album to all major music streaming/download services.

    In 6-4 weeks (approximately), you will be able to stream the New 1’s on Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, and Tidal (thanks, Jay-Z and Becky with the good hair).

    Basically, we have to create new cover art (everything was lost in a fire). AND we have to consult with some lawyers to make sure we won’t be sued by the Army of Dons. Freedom of speech, baby!

  • We’re Getting the Band Back Together

    The tacos have been gone for far too long. Well, they were never really “gone” per se. More like they were left for dead on the side of the road. The rescue helicopter is here to save the day and the tacos will rise from the ashes like a tasty Mexican phoenix entree.

    I’m so happy it’s like a wedding. There will be games and prizes and special events. There may even be some old favorites returning from the graveyard that is Stemshul’s old Gateway computer.

    This time around, we have new technology. We have rebuilt “him” better than before. While “he” will never be worth 6 million dollars, that’s not why we do this. We do it for the love of the game.

    This is our return to innocence.