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  • New Music Fridays – Thom Yorke

    About a week ago, it was announced that Thom Yorke would be dropping a new album called Anima on June 27th. Yes, I know that was Thursday, so shut up. It was also announced that an accompanying Netflix short film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson would be released the same day.

    The album is synth-heavy and loads of fun. The hypnotic track Not the News sounds like there is a little alarm going on with heavily reverberating vocals. Then there is the more mellow Dawn Chorus, which omits the beat in favor of a percussive overdriven synth line underneath Yorke’s lulling vocals. From start to finish, there is never a dull moment.

    The Netflix short clocks in around 15 minutes and plays like a subtle commentary on the pitfalls of modern society. It feels like a 15-minute music video with multiple tracks from the album woven together as the undercurrent for the choreographed visuals. While the whole thing is weird as hell, I like that it exists as a companion piece to the album in an alternative medium.

  • New Music Fridays – Hayden Thorpe

    Now that the Wild Beasts are done as a band (sadface), the lead falsetto of the group has emerged from the ashes with his new solo album called Diviner.

    The first song I heard was Love Crimes and I was instantly hooked. It sounded reminiscent of Wild Beasts, but stripped down with a deeper intimacy.

    After listening a few times, I like the flow of how there are some catchy pop numbers and then there are some moody tracks that reach a bit further.

    Hayden’s voice is very unique and, while I’m sure there are some people who don’t like the sound, I think it is fantastically appropriate for the type of music he writes.

    I was crushed when Wild Beasts broke up, but now that I have this album and the hope that there will be more Hayden Thorpe music in the future, I don’t have to cry myself to sleep on my huge pillow anymore.

  • New Music Fridays – Big Thief

    Well, it’s a little past Friday, but this album called U.F.O.F. by Big Thief came out and it is worth a listen (or actually two).

    The best way I can describe it is folksy with a tad of emotion. But wait, there’s more! The opener, Contact, starts with a plucky riff under airy vocals, and by the end, distorted guitars perfectly parallel cavernous screams.

    Adrianne Lenker’s voice is what keeps the whole thing together. From quiet intimate moments in From to the bubbly energy in Cattails, her singing style ranges from subtle to forceful, but never in-your-face.

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  • New Music Fridays – Local Natives

    After their third album in 2016, Sunlit Youth, I was hooked on the refreshing melodies of Local Natives that felt like a distant cousin of Radiohead and Grizzly Bear’s love child.

    Much to my surprise and happiness, I saw this new one called Violet Street was coming out today.

    I’ve already listened to the album three times and it is delightful. The sonic feels make for great driving music or nighttime relaxation. It has a wide range including the catchy pep of When Am I Gonna Lose You and the bittersweet melancholy of Tap Dancer.

    The full album can be found here: Violet Street YouTube Playlist

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